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Updates and Maintenance for your web site

How does your business compare?

Your customers are ready with a discriminating eye to evaluate your company's worth by comparing your site to those of your competitors.


Why update your site?

The content of your site needs to be continually refreshed to show that your company is active and moving forwards.

As your marketing plans change, so your web site needs to adapt and change as well.

Assure your visitors and potential customers that your business is taking the internet seriously.

Improve the performance and useability of your site.


What's Involved?

Site updates can involve anything from a simple textual change to a complete redesign.

Content is important, so we will work with you to evaluate the information in your current web site to implement your marketing plans and bring it up to date.

If necessary, the site navigation tools will be updated and enhanced to improve useability and bring consistency to the look and feel of your site.

We will also enhance your site to make promotion more effective.


What are the benefits?

By updating your web site, we will help you to:

  1. Encourage repeat visitors and attract new ones.
  2. Have a web site that is simple and user friendly.
  3. Use the internet to build brand recognition for your product or service.
  4. Make your product details accessible to your customers when they need them.
  5. Drive valuable and targeted traffic to your site.
  6. Gain a truer understanding of your customer's needs and wants.
  7. Evaluate your web site's worth and learn ways to continually improve it.


How we can help

At Custom Internet, we have the on-line promotion and marketing experience to get your site noticed. We can enhance and extend your internet presence and customer relationship through a web site rebuild or makeover.

Why not start with our site audit service?

Once your updates are complete, the modifications will be uploaded to your server and you can then continue to maintain the site as you wish.

Alternatively, if your site needs more frequent updates, consider a maintenance agreement, which gives you:

As with everything we do, maintenance agreements are tailored to your particular requirements, leaving you in control.


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