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This month we look at the benefits of running a cloud based backup system.  We have a brief overview of 'Content Managed' web sites, and on the hardware front, we help you specify the right PCs for your business. Finally we help you make sure that your PCs and other systems cope with the hot weather.


Cloud Based Backup

There are many different ways to operate a data backup scheme for your business. The exact scheme you run will depend on the type and quantity of the data involved.  However, whatever else you do, you should maintain a regular backup of all your working data.  This needs to be updated at least every 24 hours.

For a 'working data' backup, a cloud based system provides a good solution with many advantages for small business users.

The key benefits of a cloud based system are :

For more information please read our Business Briefing.

The Custom Internet cloud backup scheme is very easy to set up and comes with a 1 month FREE trial - for more information and to sign up  go to our web site.


Content Managed Web Sites

One of the challenges in running a business web site is keeping everything up to date.  We have written before (October 2016) about Search Engine Optimisation, but it's also important to keep on top of all the other updates that you need to do.

An online content management system holds every piece of your web site content along with all the information needed to control the presentation of the pages. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything. The content is modified using a browser based control panel so it can be managed from any machine that has an internet connection.

Havng a web site built in this way means that it requires only a modest amount of technical skill or knowledge to manage and does not require any special software. Since the CMS manages all the complicated stuff, you don't have to.

Routine updates can be shared between several people as there is no special software required.

See our information sheet for more details.


Finding the right PC for your business

Choosing a new PC for your business is a key business decision. With so many different machines available, the choice can be confusing.  So before you make a purchase, do call us to discuss your requirements.

Just as important as the machine hardware is the software.  If you have important programs for accounting or other critical tasks, it's wise to check that they are compatible with your proposed PC.  You should also check any peripheral hardware such as printers or scanners. Some older devices may no longer be supported, so it's wise to check.

To help you choose from the maze of differing machines and software available we offer a PC specification service. We will discuss what you need and then specify a hardware and / or software package to suit.

As well as new systems, we have an ever changing selection of refurbished machines which can be viewed on our web site. Do call for more details.

Click here for our latest refurbished PC selection.


Keeping Cool

Hot summer weather can cause PCs to overheat, so it's important to ensure that they have adequate cooling. Most PCs have fans in them to keep the vital components - especially the processor and power supply - cool. When the machine is running, warm air will come out through a grille (usually on the back of the case, or the sides or underneath notebook systems). It is important not to obstruct this grille or any other vents which allow cool air to enter the case.

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