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News : November 2014

Here is our selection of news and information for our customers and friends. If you need any more information or help, do please get in touch.

In this edition, we ask 'Where are your disks?', take a look at upgrading your PC and avoiding the evils of 'Malware'.


Where are your disks?

Do make sure you know where the disks that came with your PC are. Also the disks for your printer, camera and any other software you have installed.  Software licence keys often go missing - don't lose them, or recovering from a crash could be much harder.  We recommend putting everything together in a box file or folder and keeping that in a safe place.


PC Upgrades

With the ending of support for Windows XP, we helped a number of customers migrate to a new system. If you decide that you need to move on from what you are currently using, we would be pleased to help you decide what you need and assist in the upgrade process.


Down with Malware!

Over the last year, we have successsfully cleaned Malware infections from a number of customer systems.  If strange pop-up messages start to appear, or your web browser starts going to unfamiliar places, it could well be that you have Malware on your system. Call us for help and advice or a 'clean up' visit.


Printer cartridges and consumables

For our local customers, we supply manufacturers' original printer cartridges, labels, paper and other office consumables. Do make sure you have sufficient for the Christmas period.  Call us to order or for quote.

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