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PC Data Recovery

We offer a data recovery service for home and small business PC users. If your PC hard drive becomes corrupted, we can recover your important data before rebuilding the disk.

We offer a comprehensive service including removal of the disk, data recovery and rebuild - either on the original disk or a new one as required.


Looking After Your Data

The data which you hold on your machine is more valuable than the machine itself.

Imagine what would happen if you were to lose all your letters, accounts, photographs and other work.

Businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss are highly likely to fail.

It Does Happen - It Can Happen to you!

The implications of loosing all your data through hardware failure, corruption, theft or other disasters can be catastrophic. It is vital to keep regular backups of everything that is important to you.

We can advise you on an appropriate backup scheme for your business or personal needs, so that when disaster does strike, you can recover important information.


When Disaster Strikes ...

We can recover you personal or business data, either in our own workshop, or in severe cases by liaising with a specialist data recovery company.

If your hard drive is beyond repair, we can supply and fit a replacement, and help to rebuild your machine.

Please contact us for further advice.


How to minimise the effects of a hard drive failure

You can minimise the impact (and cost) of a drive failure by taking a few simple precautions ....


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