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RDS - Remote Desktop Support

Our remote desktop support service enables us to help customers with many of their problems without having to book an on-site call.

This service is available free of charge to customers who have a hardware or web site support agreement with us. Other customers may make use of the service and will be charged at our standard rates.


Using RDS in Easy Steps:

  1. Telephone us on 01425 655210 to request support - we may be able to resolve the problem quickly without using RDS.
  2. When asked to do so, click this link ..

    Download and run Remote Desktop SoftwareDownload and run Remote Desktop Software

    - you will be prompted to download and run a small application on your PC. Please allow this to download, following the on-screen instructions.

  3. Once the software is installed, you will be taken to a screen showing 'Your ID' on the left hand side.

  4. Please tell us this number in order to enable us to connect to your PC.
  5. Once we have entered your ID on to our system, you will be shown a confirmation screen ...
    RDS connection request
    Choose the desired access rights for the admin (view only, mouse and keyboard control etc.) and then accept the remote connection.

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Remote Desktop Support is completely secure:





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